Mukkove Johnson 2011I write to encourage and equip you on your journey to bring God glory in all you do. As a Christian this means spiritual training first and foremost, for me and my children. As a wife serving the love of my life as we grow closer to God and each other. As a mom it means equipping my children for life, relationships, finances, work, and more. As a homeschooler it means making learning a life long endeavor inside or outside the covers of a book.

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I have published two devotionals, Christmas is About Jesus: An Advent Devotion and Easter is About Jesus: Family Devotions For the Easter Season. Each book takes common sights of the holidays and points our thoughts to Jesus. Written with young ones in mind they are short, include pictures and discussion questions along with a Bible verse and slogan for each day. The Easter book also includes activity ideas.

I live in Alaska with my best friend and husband. We are embracing the challenge of raising world changers. I am learning I can’t pass on what I do not have so I endeavor to continue growing in Christ. I share my journey in hopes some of my lessons, tools, success and failures will help and encourage you on your journey.

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