Exercise and Feed to Rest

Why is something I want so much so hard to do?
My neighbor who left Alaska not knowing Jesus is suffering through cancer treatments. The treatments are awful – stopping is a death sentence without miracles.
A friend lost her perfectly healthy baby in delivery this week.  More friends are on bed rest to keep their babies safe.
A friend much too young has died and left behind two young children.
A boy from our church family had a horrible accident and will lose his foot unless Jesus gives him a new one.
Things are wrong and I found myself worrying or obsessing instead of praying. No rest.
I’m starting school next week. I’m filled with excitement and dread. I love schedules and learning. Not all of my children share that love. Questions –will it go well? Have I chosen the right materials? Have I planned enough? Right?
I guess I’m was trusting in my choices and plans instead of the One to whom I asked wisdom when I made those plans. Faith in Him is easier, safer, and more sure than faith in me – always. Faith in me is stressful. Faith in Him is rest.
I think my faith needs exercise. It needs food, too. I must exercise my faith so I can rest. To exercise my faith I must choose to trust Him. He has promised to work all things for my good because I love Him, because He has called me.
To feed my faith I must read and meditate on His Word, His blessings.
Exercise and feed to rest.

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