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10 Tips to Refocus

10 Tips to Refocus

I can, and do, focus on so many things.

I could focus on my clothes that don’t fit quite right, my body that lumps in the wrong places, where I am going with my writing, and my platform “they” say I have to build. Then there’s ministry and politics and relationships…The list is endless.

The trouble with focusing on all these thing is I can get discouraged, feel overwhelmed and defeated. I have to be careful and I often need to refocus.

I home school my three older children. All of them in high school this year. I can certainly focus on the fact that time is short and I might be messing up. Or I can focus on how precious and amazing my teens are.

We are building a building that is WAY beyond my ability. We need more of everything than we have on our own, more money, more time, more skill, more labor. I can get discouraged or I can focus on God’s faithfulness and provision.

I can focus on my home that isn’t finished and is never clean enough. I can focus on the blessing of no mortgage and  happy memories with my family.

What do I want my focus to be?

I want to be thinking His thoughts, seeing things and people the way He does. I want to focus on His promises and plans instead of mine. His faithfulness, goodness, and grace are a better focus than any of my stuff. When I’m focused on Him I see my stuff more clearly.

So how do I change my focus?


I know very obvious and not very helpful. It’s true though. Right now you are focused on the words in this post. Look up at the ceiling and you are no longer focused on the words on your screen.

Changing life long thought patterns is not that easy. It is that simple. Each and every time you think about or focus on something you don’t want to focus on refocus on something you want to focus on. Eventually you will have created the new habit of focusing on the right thing.

10 Tips to Refocus

  1. Find scripture and what God has to say about what to focus on. I think of verses that say things like: Set your hearts on things above, seek first the kingdom, Bless the Lord, rejoice, and give thanks.
  2. Read encouraging words, quotes, or scriptures.
  3. Hang pictures that God has used to speak to you, that speak to your destiny and His promises.
  4. Sing hymns, worship, and solid scriptural songs
  5. Take a break
  6. Get alone and tell Satan to leave you alone.
  7. Take authority over anything that is not of God in your home or your environment and release the opposite. If there is tension, tell it to go and release peace.
  8. Write. It is a great way for to process, identify lies, patterns, and connections.
  9. Record the truth God reveals so you can go back to it when you need to refocus.
  10. An accountability partner can be a great help to. This doesn’t have to be intense or time-consuming. It can be as simple as letting your friends know you have a new focus and you want them to ask you how you are doing. Give them permission to respectfully point out when you miss your new focus.

Are you pleased with what you have been focused on?

I’d love to hear if these ideas are helpful and how you refocus, too.

During a quiet time God gave me this idea for directing my thoughts for the day. In the morning I write out my day with the acronym FATHER.

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