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2 Steps to Finding Rest: Remember and Come

2 Steps to Find Rest

Why is it so hard to rest? Why don’t I have this yet?!

I’ve read the verses, heard the message, gotten the advice, and yet I struggle to rest.

Turns out that is perfectly normal. I hope that is obvious to you. It’s sort of news to me. Especially when it applies to me. In my mind I know change is a process that looks more like wandering than a track race.

You can wander and I will encourage you “You are making progress!”

In my soul I am often beating myself up for not completing a 50 yard dash.

There’s no rest in that.

2 Steps to Find Rest

David talks of resting in the presence of his Shepherd. Jesus promises rest to anyone who comes to Him.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 NIV

How do I do that?

2 Steps to Finding Rest


I start with remembering my Father, my Shepherd, my Friend. He is faithful. He is good. He is working to complete the work He started. He is beyond my comprehension. His is holy and righteous, full of grace and truth.

Remembering brings me to a place of peace. He is big enough for whatever I’m facing. I need peace to rest.


I come and receive rest. Not rest as in a life in a hammock on the beach. Rather rest of a solid place to operate from. A place to leave burdens that are not mine to carry. A foundation to hear clearly and obey.

When I remember the God who loves me, who promised me rest, I can come to Him.

I come in repentance. I have not been thinking in agreement with his thoughts or I would be at rest. I come and give Him my worries and fears, my stress and what if’s. He gives me Himself. Beauty for ashes. Joy for mourning. A double portion for shame.

He is a wonderful place to rest.

What interferes with your resting in the Lord?

How do you rest in the Lord?

During a quiet time God gave me this idea for directing my thoughts for the day. In the morning I write out my day with the acronym FATHER.

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