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5 Ways to Practice Being Thankful

5 Ways to Practice Being Thankful

I wish I felt more thankful. Maybe I’m setting myself up for failure.

I’m told to give thanks, not feel thankful. I guess it seems easier for other people than for me.

Being thankful is a choice. I choose to be thankful regardless of feelings or circumstances, or even natural disposition. I naturally tended to be the Eeyore.

I see what’s wrong instead of right.
I see how far there is to go instead of how far I’ve come.
I see the work and get tired.
I also can see the good in people, in hard things, and I choose to give thanks.

I thank Him in faith for the things He has promised.

Why am I not more thankful?

My “but”

I imagine that is much like the apology “I’m sorry, but…”

  • “Thank You for my husband’s job but I wish he didn’t have to work away.”
  • “Thank You for providing for us to build our dream shop but I wish it would go faster.”
  • “Thank You for promising growth and breakthrough but can I be done with this process?”

If I really believe God is good and working ALL things for my good I have no reason for anything but thanksgiving.

5 ways to practice being thankful

1.    Turns complaints to thanks.

“I’m tired of the snow.”

“I’m thankful, snow helps pay my bills.”

2.    Make a list.

I choose to start my time with God thanking Him for something. Even on days that don’t seem too good He is always good and I can always start there. Some days I just stay there. He is good – always. I’m thankful!

3.    Meditate on scripture, soak your mind and spirit in God’s truth.

4. Get rid of the “buts”.

Listen to your thoughts this week as you give thanks. Is there are but tagging along? Repent, confess, ask forgiveness if need be. Ask God for His perspective.

5. Tell someone thank you. Be specific.

“Thank you for helping out.” is nice. “Thank you for bringing a meal and taking the time to listen. It was really encouraging.” is better.

What helps you be more thankful?

If this isn’t something you struggle with what are you most thankful for?

During a quiet time God gave me this idea for directing my thoughts for the day. In the morning I write out my day with the acronym FATHER.

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