6 Steps to Enter into Rest

6 Steps to Enter into Rest

I can’t decide what to do.

Worse I decide what to do then don’t do it.

After weeks of this sad cycle I decided to pull out a tool the Lord gave me a few years ago. Key concepts for the word Father, because living with Him is key.


  1. Focus

  2. Authority

  3. Thanksgiving

  4. Hope

  5. Encouragement

  6. Rest

Here’s how it went:


Father, I want to focus on You. I find myself focusing on tasks, emotions, questions. Worse I find myself avoiding focus with distractions like checking email or Facebook. I choose to focus on You. You are good, gracious, faithful. So, so faithful. You love me. You called me. You say I am enough.


I take authority over my thoughts and emotions. I am powerful. I choose what I think. I choose what I do. I choose what gets my time and attention.


I am thankful for all You are teaching me. I’m thankful I am not who I used to be. The process is longer and harder than I want and I often forget to look at the progress in the middle of the process. I choose to thank You for the process. I thank You for making the process as long as it needs to be for me to be transformed, to take me from glory to glory.


Focusing on You, taking authority over my thoughts and emotions, and choosing to be thankful has renewed my hope. You are my hope. You working in me. You so faithful to complete me.


I encourage myself with Your faithfulness.


I rest in Your goodness. Your faithfulness. I rest in knowing I hear Your voice. I rest in knowing whenever I say “yes” it will be worth it, no matter how uncomfortable it may be right now.

There you go six steps to enter into rest.

I still have to walk it out, I still have more ideas than I can do in a lifetime.

I also have hope and peace. I can rest.


I’m considering doing a class or webinar about this tool. I would love your feedback, possible interest, and questions.

How do you enter into rest?

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