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6 Ways to Direct Your Thoughts

6 Ways to Direct Your Thoughts

During a quiet time God gave me this idea for directing my thoughts for the day. In the morning I write out my day with the acronym FATHER.

Here’s what I mean. I want to live each day with my Father. To do that I need:

I write a sentence, word or phrase for each word.6 Ways to Direct Your Thoughts

Some days it’s my thoughts to Him:

  • Focus: You are good and bigger than any hurt.
  • Authority: I control my thoughts and choose prayer and praise.
  • Thanksgiving: I thank you for Brian and my kids, and for hard relationships.
  • Hope: God you alone are my hope.
  • Encouragement: With You all things are possible.
  • Rest: I rest in Your goodness and love!

Some days He speaks to me:

  • Focus: I love you. I am working. You are enough.
  • Authority: Bless the day. Walk in authority.
  • Thanksgiving: Praise me all day.
  • Hope: in, Me. I am faithful & true – Always.
  • Encouragement: I am pleased.
  • Rest: I am here. Ask. Listen. Obey.

Some days it’s declarations:

  • Focus: I am loved and accepted.
  • Authority: I have authority in Jesus name.
  • Thanksgiving:  I am blessed beyond measure.
  • Hope: God is working in and through me.
  • Encouragement: It will be worth it.
  • Rest: God is for me. Who can be against me?

Give it a try! I’d love to hear how it goes.

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