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Do you feel an urgency to grow your relationship with the Lord and others so you can better equip your children? Does it make you feel overwhelmed? inadequate?

Me, too.

I’m here to walk beside you and share my journey, successes and failures. Here’s how.

BlogI do not have all the answers. I am always looking. Perhaps some answers I discover along the way will be helpful to you also. I share things that work for me and what God is teaching me on my blog. You can subscribe to the blog to get new posts in your inbox.


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Some I’ve found. Some I’ve designed. I only share what has worked for me.



NewsletterEach month I will write you, my subscribers a letter, and update you about my writing projects, and recap my blog posts in case you missed them.

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COMING SOON A place to connect, encourage, and be empowered in your journey to create a culture of empowerment.


BooksI have authored two devotionals, Christmas is About Jesus: An Advent Devotion and Easter is About Jesus: Family Devotions For the Easter Season. Each book takes common sights of the holidays and points our thoughts to Jesus. Written with young ones in mind they are short, include pictures and discussion questions along with a Bible verse and slogan for each day. The Easter book also includes activity ideas.

A Bit About MeI live in Alaska with my husband, three teens and a baby. We are embracing the challenge of raising world changers in an empowerment culture. I am learning I can’t pass on what I do not have so I endeavor to continue growing in Christ. I share my journey in hopes some of my lessons, tools, success and failures will help and encourage you on your journey as well.

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