Blessings Week 4

Blessing Week 4

  June 1 – June 7
I think I have gotten my dates slightly confused, but these are things I’m thankful for that I didn’t post or am thankful for again.Blessings Week 4

  • Flat tire at APR. Flat tires are not a blessing. Having a flat tire right next to a shop with an air hose is. Pulling up to put air in the flat tire and having the nail causing the leak to be in a very easy spot to reach was a blessing. The same shop had a plug Brian used. Flat tire fixed without even moving the trailer again much less taking the tire off! The flat tire was a blessing because we got to see many small blessings in the midst of what could have been a very troublesome situation.Karissa crossing
  • Brian’s talents- I will always be thankful for the talented man I married. He is gifted and a gift. This week specifically, knowing how to plug a nail hole in a tire, load, haul, and operate heavy equipment.
  • Extra gravel which allowed us to do a little work on our very rough driveway.
  • Time to pray and praise, learn and listen.Like Father Like Son
  • The opportunity to sow into another family’s dream of being together, maybe even dad working from home. Connecting with a like-minded family who is a few years behind us on the journey.
  • Some family time seeing God’s beautiful creation since we weren’t ready to dig footings.

Care to share any of your blessings this week?

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2 thoughts on “Blessing Week 4”

  1. SO many blessings from this last week….I could write a book! I sure love reading about so e of yours. One of our blessings from the week, was to have a bit of precious time with your family–to see you, to hug you, to see how your children are growing in all wonderful ways. To see those big strong boys walking with their dad, and the very apparent love you all have for one another. When we are around your family, we see Jesus. THAT, my friend, is a blessing.

    1. Thank you, Jess! Maybe I need to post more blessings, not just shop related ones. You have always been a blessing to me. So glad we got to say “See ya later!” Blessings on your future adventures!

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