Blessings Week 10

  • God-Sized-Project-005-Week-10Sales tax exemption for building supplies
  • Connection at electrical supply store
  • 8 ft foamIMG_1956IMG_1909 IMG_1867 IMG_1881 IMG_1888 IMG_1891 IMG_1906
  • The Hydratrack saved much shoveling
  • The waterline is buried
  • Good meeting with concrete finisher
  • Good advice on concrete
  • Custom cut foam
  • Connex to work in
  • Tools we need, saws, transit, pipe clamp
  • Old screws
  • Scrap wood
  • Pretty rocks in the rain
  • Hardworking husband
  • Hardworking family
  • Forklift IMG_1973 IMG_1958 IMG_1954 IMG_1949 IMG_1945 IMG_1944 IMG_1942 IMG_1936 IMG_1933 IMG_1931 IMG_1925
  • Square form boards
  • Level form boards
  • Straight form boards

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