Blessings Week 11

This weeks work was the plumbing that goes under the floor. We had a long weekend but it’s mostly done.God-Sized-Project-Week-11IMG_2042 IMG_2076IMG_2092

  • Given rebar and wire ties.
  • Loaned wire tie tools and rebar bender.
  • Professional help with plumbing
  • Great scheduling on God’s part. The day we planned to plumb it rained all day and we would have had no help. The day God worked out gave us beautiful weather, help, and more time with the excavator.
  • Great help at the plumbing store.
  • Made it to the plumbing store while they were still open.
  • Favor with the equipment rental store.
  • Favor with the steel company.
  • Stirrups for the foundation are done.
  • Making it form 10 am to 6 pm before having to make a run for more plumbing parts.
  • Finding pieces and ways to make things work.
  • Excavator to do most of the digging
  • Getting under the footing where we forgot to bury a pipe without too much trouble.

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