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Blessings Week 7 & 8

God-Sized-Project-002-Week-7-&-8We transformed our beautiful, flat pad into a construction site. The blessings for our project keep coming. God is so good!
IMG_1789Here is a quick list for the last two weeks.
Week 7 June 22-28

  • Meeting Rich at SBS on his day off
  • Discount on materials for footings
  • Foundation design
  • Free expert advice on foundation design
  IMG_1784 IMG_1772 IMG_1764 Pad: Thursday Morning Breaking ground again IMG_1757 IMG_1756 IMG_1743 IMG_1737 Just below the surface

Week 8 June 29-July 5

  • Given a $1,000 check, $100 check, & $20 gift card
  • Figured savings on insulation for the foundation at around $27,000
  • Saved hours of work by not having to compact, move sand, re-level footing trenches
  • Concrete stakes to use
  • Use of trailer for moving excavator
  • Boys learning well and working hard to put in nice footing trenches
  • Karissa learning to help
  • Barb working inside and out
  • Long holiday weekend, paid days off
  • Footings dug
  • Saved money on used copper waterline
  • Given some new copper waterline

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