1: It’s Time to Rise Up

There's a place for you. A place to serve and make a difference. A place to belong, heal, and grow. A place for you to make a place for others.

The Kingdom Mothers Rise Up podcast is here to equip and encourage you as you RISE UP in your Kingdom calling and know your worth as a daughter of the King!

You'll learn practical, Bible based strategies to grow in spiritual and emotional maturity, heal from your past, and improve your relationships.

You'll hear the inspirational stories of women who have walked this journey of faith, and be encouraged to step into your purpose with Godfidence!

I'm Mukkove, the heart and voice behind the mic. I am a certified Christian Life Coach trained in healing prayer and Childhood Emotional Neglect Recovery. I live and love in Alaska with my husband of 28 years and our 5 year old. Our 3 adult children all live close and we love to have them around. I love water and mountains. Learning from Jesus then sharing what I learned is my favorite.

Hear more of my story and heart in this episode.

Join me in the Kingdom Mothers Rise Up Facebook Community mukkove.link/community

Join me in the Kingdom Mothers Rise Up Facebook Community

3 thoughts on “1: It’s Time to Rise Up”

  1. Hi! I found you from Rhiannon staal, and I enjoyed this first podcast episode. I feel like I’ve been ‘on mission’s for a couple years, at least. Maybe a different term for ‘rise up’, but I think the same heart. Thanks for the good work you are doing and listening to God’s call on your life.

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