20: Ready for a Game Changer: Interview with Sandi McClafferty

Heart Doodling with Jesus is a game changer!

That's what my guest Sandi McClafferty says.

She did one of my Heart Doodling workshops when overwhelmed with life and insists it has changed her life.

Sandi has a history in mental health, personally and professionally.

Hear why she loves this process as a Christian Life coach and for her own mental health.

Connect with Sandi & Sandi McClafferty Coaching:
email: SEMCoaching@gmail.com

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Transformational Quiet Times is a course that gives you a Biblical foundation and walks you through practice and tools to build a conversational relationship with God.

Heart Doodling with Jesus membership is a growing collection of life-changing workshops where you experience healing in your heart and renewing your mind as you create, reflect, pray and listen. Join for only $7 a month!

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