45: 8 Questions to Harness the Power of Reflecting

The week between Christmas and New Year's feels like a bonus week to me. I suppose because I was blessed to stay home with my children all these years and I still get a 2 week Christmas break!

I love to sit by my Christmas tree and reflect with the Lord on the last year and look ahead to the new. Looking ahead will be another episode.
Today I share some reflection questions you can use right now, regardless of the time of year you find this episode.

Reflection Questions:
Where was I a year ago?
Who was I a year ago?
What happened this year I am grateful for?
What happened this year that I struggled with?
Do I love myself more than I did a year ago?
Do I like myself more than I did a year ago?
Am I closer to the Lord than I was a year ago?
What do I not want to take into the new year with me?

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Intro for CIAJ series

CIAJ ending

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