69: How to Get Out of Your Pit: Discussion with Brenda Schumman

What do you do when things go wrong?

Do you have a meltdown?

No judgment, I've been there, too. Very recently, in fact.

The conversation with Brenda starts with how she responded differently and her journey to get there.

We discussed “little girl lies” (Brenda's term) and how they come about.

We talked about what we make things mean.

The new, the healing, only comes by walking it out because that is what rewires the brain.

In your relationship with the Lord are you like a toddler? Is it maturing?

There is another way to look at life

Let's go deeper. Let's go in another direction.

More About Brenda
Brenda has a Master's Degree in Social Work with 18+ years in trauma and attachment treatment.  She's a Mom to grown daughters.  An author.  Loves to empower people in their kingdom identity and purpose.  And gets the privilege to love hard the children, teens, and women that God has entrusted her with as a missionary in Honduras.

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