7 Keys to Lasting Transformation

God highlighted to me seven key areas that are vital to transformation. They are part of my journey and what I’m passionate about passing on. This is an introduction. For the next seven weeks, I will go deeper on each key.

Your Relationship with God.

It’s more than saying Jesus is my Savior. We have a triune God. We have the Father, the Son – our Savior, and we have the Holy Spirit. How well do you know each one of them? How do you interact with each one of them? What are the things that have affected how you see them and how you relate to them?

Those things are all crucial toward transformation because if you don’t see God clearly, you don’t see anything else could be either.

Hearing God

The primary way that you hear God is from scripture, the Bible. Every secondary way that you hear from Him has to agree with that bottom line. That being said, there are tons and tons of ways He speaks. He has a lot to say, and He’s willing to be incredibly creative and how He does that.


How do you see you? For me, I couldn’t stand myself. I couldn’t imagine somebody having to be like me. So that had to change. I can’t love others as myself when I didn’t love me.


In the transformation process, congruence is having what you know to be true, what scripture says to be true, and what God says to be true match how you live, and how you see yourself. Is there congruence or integrity between what you’re confessing and professing and how you’re acting and what you’re thinking?


I believe you’re all called to make an impact. That impact may never be known to anyone but God. It might be a global impact in ministry because you’re in a time when that can happen. You’re all called to make an impact. If you’re a mom, you’re called to make an impact on your kids and to raise them to know that they are made to make an impact, the world needs them, and God wants them.


To be transformed, you have to know yourself. It’s important to know what you think, what you feel, what your opinions are, what you value, what you need. Those were all things I had to learn as an adult. They’re all things I’m still learning.  As an adult, I’m also learning emotions are good and valuable. As much as you often want to please other people, especially as moms when you’re trying to keep your husband and kids and everybody happy, you’re just as important as they are. I’m not saying “Take care of you and forget about everybody else.” You’re not more important than everybody else, but you’re just as important as everybody else.

Hard Things

God has had me on a journey the last two or three years of reframing how I see hard things. He has shown me He uses hard things for good, as a place He can show off, and a place He can break through.

Hard things can even be places to look forward to. The wilderness was a hard place for Israel. Reframe it. They were in a place much like I was in when I vacationed in Hawaii, I didn’t have to worry about my food. I didn’t have to worry about performing anything. I didn’t have any responsibilities. I was just taking care of me. For the season it was beautiful. In many ways, that’s what Israel had. They had time to do nothing but fellowship with the Lord and build relationships. Their clothes didn’t it wear out. They didn’t have to cook any food. They didn’t have to build new buildings. They didn’t have to work in any fields. The wilderness can be reframed to be a beautiful place of communion where you learn about God and from God in ways that you can’t anywhere else.

How do these 7 Keys show up in your life?

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