71: Discovering Self-Worth Beyond Family Expectations, Interview with Becky Zingale

Have you ever felt like you were living under the shadow of your siblings or struggling to find your own unique identity? Join us in this incredible conversation with Becky, author of “Wonderfully Different,” as she takes us on her journey of self-discovery and embracing authenticity.

Growing up with two siblings with special needs, Becky felt the pressure to earn her parents' approval. However, her husband Duane, born without ears but always the life of the party, helped her grow in confidence and learn to be comfortable in her own skin. Discover how Becky rejected the lies she was told about who she should be, and how her newfound passions for writing, butterflies, and chickens have led her to live a life true to herself. Also, hear about the inspiration behind her book and the important role her daughter plays in her story.

In this inspiring episode, we dive deep into the challenges of special needs parenting and Becky's journey of writing her book. We also discuss her entrepreneurial endeavors, the significance of her tattoo, and her daughter's upcoming book possibly titled, “Becoming a Super Sibling.” Through it all, Becky's journey of learning to trust herself, build connections, and embrace her true identity serves as an inspiring reminder for us all. Tune in now and be empowered by Becky's transformative story.

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