73: Leaving the New Age Behind and Finding God’s Truth with Juliana Barbati

What if you could find healing and purpose through the transformative power of faith in Jesus, even in the midst of confusion and uncertainty? That's exactly what our incredible guest, Juliana Barbotti, shares in her powerful story of moving from a cult-like environment and belief in reincarnation to finding salvation and a new relationship with God through Jesus.

Join us as we explore Juliana's search for healing through the world of New Age practices and how her search for truth led her to find true healing and purpose in Jesus. We'll unpack the importance of prayer, discernment, and staying rooted in God's truth in our lives as followers of Christ. Juliana's testimony serves as a reminder to be vigilant in discerning the sources and influences of the practices we engage in, and to trust in God above all else.

As we conclude our conversation, we'll discuss the dangers of blindly trusting what we can do on our own and the significance of relying on God's guidance and wisdom in all aspects of our lives. From recognizing the Father's voice and Holy Spirit's promptings to the role of prayer in navigating suffering, Juliana's story is an inspirational reminder that our faith and trust in God should always come first. Don't miss this eye-opening episode and be inspired by Juliana's journey from New Age to a life firmly rooted in faith and trust in God.

Juliana Barbati is a dynamic podcast strategist, consultant, and owner of a top boutique podcast production agency. Her specialties include marketing, SEO, copywriting, and monetization, all of which allow her to help entrepreneurs elevate their voices and spread their inspiring messages.

But Juliana’s passion goes beyond business. As a born-again Christian, she is deeply passionate about the Bible and her faith in Jesus.

In her free time, Juliana enjoys spending time in her tropical Central American paradise with her husband, two homeschooled littles, and her ever-expanding brood of cats.

Connect with Juliana
email  howdy@julianabarbati.com

Website www.julianabarbati.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Barbati.juliana

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