74: Embracing Self-Care and Emotional Healing as Kingdom Mothers: A Journey of Self-Discovery with Jesus

Are you struggling to prioritize self-care and understand your emotional needs? I invite you to join us on a journey of self-discovery as we explore the challenges of self-care for those who have experienced childhood emotional neglect. As Kingdom Mothers, it's vital that we nurture our mind, body, and spirit to truly fulfill the Lord's calling in our lives. Together, we'll uncover the joy and growth that comes from understanding our unique needs and desires.

Learn how partnering with the Lord can bring about transformation, self-awareness, and a deeper understanding of how God designed you. Join our supportive community as we rise up as Kingdom Mothers who not only care for ourselves but also those around us. Embrace the joy of self-discovery and the freedom that comes with knowing and accepting ourselves as God intended.

Let’s Rise Up!

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Kingdom Mothers Rise Up is here for you. There is encouragement and practical steps to improve your relationship with yourself, God, and your child.

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I often refer to HeartDoodling with Jesus. Learn more here.
Learn how God communicates with you in Transformational Quiet Times.

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