76: Embracing Emotional Messages: Navigating Involuntary Emotions and Making Wise Choices

Ever had those moments when your emotions feel like they've taken control of you? We all have, and in today's episode of Kingdom Mothers Rise Up, we discuss how our emotional reactions are often automatic and involuntary, much like blinking our eyes when something comes towards our face. Fear not, for it's not the initial emotion that matters, but rather, how we choose to respond to it.

Join us as we explore the messages our emotions carry and how we can use them to make wise choices in our lives. I share my personal experiences during the launch of my third book, revealing the range of emotions I felt and how I was able to identify and address the messages behind them. Discover the importance of acknowledging and working through our feelings, and how partnering with certain emotions can either lead us toward hope and truth or take us away from them. Don't miss this enlightening conversation on understanding and managing our involuntary emotions!

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