78: Independence Day: The Spiritual Power of Declarations and Faith

Happy 4th of July! 
Ever wondered why we celebrate the Declaration of Independence and not the actual gaining of independence? 
Tune into this special edition of Kingdom Mothers Rise Up podcast for a deep dive into the true significance of Independence Day. We'll unravel the spiritual truth of making powerful declarations based on scripture, similar to the audacious Declaration of Independence that sparked a revolution. 

Unearth the spiritual parallels to the determination and faith echoed by the signers of the declaration. With us, explore the importance of maintaining faith, even in uncertain times, and the cost we often need to pay to uphold our declarations.

Discover how a firm resolve in our spiritual declarations can help us set aside distractions and invest in the changes necessary to make these declarations come true. Reflect on your own declarations and the stand you are called to take in this spiritually enlightening episode.

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