79: Raising Purpose-Driven Teens: A Conversation with Coach Helen on Nurturing the Next Generation of Leaders

What if I told you that teenagers are capable of having identities rooted in purpose? It's a concept I'm exploring with my guest, Coach Helen. As the founder of the RPTL (Raising Purpose-driven Teen Leaders ) Academy that works specifically with pre-teens, Helen is passionate about equipping the next generation of leaders with the skills they need to navigate through life's challenges.

You've probably heard the teenage years are tough, even more so when you feel like you're on your own. In this conversation with Coach Helen, we discuss the need for a community that supports and nurtures our teens. Helen shares how the power of togetherness, the voices of others echoing the same values you instill in your children, can greatly impact their journey to adulthood. We also delve into her hands-on approach of providing tangible testimonies of the young ones she mentors and how she is preparing them for the future.

As we wrap up our discussion, we focus on a rather interesting approach to preteen and teen development: raising kingdom financiers and entrepreneurs. Coach Helen opens up about her innovative methods, using Bible study groups as a platform to shift mindsets, cultivating a sense of purpose and identity in your children. This episode is a treasure trove of insights into the importance of a relationship with God and how to guide your children toward a purpose-driven life. Hang tight, you're in for a treat!

Meet Coach Helen
Helen Verroux, aka Coach Helen, is the founder of the Raising Purpose Driven Teen Leaders Movement (RPTL movement & Academy). She defines herself as a teen and young adult leadership expert, a youth trainer, a kingdom entrepreneur, an author, a movement maker, and a success/leadership coach.

She is also a John Maxwell certified coach and the CEO of the vibrant international company called “The Keys For Success” which helps parents, youth organizations, and schools to raise purpose-driven teen leaders without compromising their moral values. Being an educator for more than 12 years, she strongly believes that now is the time to equip young people to navigate effectively in this new economy with programs that not only revolutionize the educational system but that help teens to gain clarity on their purpose and understand the concept of financial freedom.

She has a passion for transformational leadership, personal growth, and serving others. Helen loves to discover different cultures.

Connect with Coach Helen
email: thekeysforsuccesscoach@gmail.com
website: www.rptlnow.com
social media: thekeysforsuccess
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