8 Tips for Calming the Chaos in Your Life from Facebook

Here are 8 simple tips to help calm the chaos that can be Facebook. They are simple but they may not be easy to implement.

  1. Decide why you’re getting on Facebook before you login or click to open.
  2. Set a timer that you have to physically move to turn off. I often use the timer on my oven. It won’t shut off until I push the button and I have to move to go do that.
  3. Connect with a true friend or a truly supportive group where you can be vulnerable and show up in your chaos when you need to.
  4. If there is a group you want to follow but there are too many posts or too many conversations you can search within the group. On your computer, the search is usually in the left sidebar. On your phone, it usually shows up at the top of the screen. Make sure you are in the group when you search. If you are in a parenting group, rather than reading all of the posts, simply search what you’re looking for help with. (ie. enter: potty training or chores or encouragement). Read the posts that come up in the search instead of trying to keep up with everything in the group.
  5. If there’s a group that you want to stay part of but you’re not focusing on whatever that group is focusing on right now you can snooze a group for a period of time, up to 30 days. When it is snoozed you can go to the group and look at the posts if you want or need to but the group notifications and posts aren’t showing up in your feed.
  6. See if you can eliminate some groups.
  7. If you find yourself getting on Facebook and not knowing why ask yourself as soon as you notice. Ask  “Was this what I really needed?” “Is this giving me what I really needed?” if it’s not giving you what you really need and get off and be kind to yourself by giving yourself what you really need. If you don’t know what you really need, ask God to show you.
  8. Don’t add to the chaos by getting on Facebook when you have other things to do. Don’t use it to avoid your responsibilities or unpleasant tasks. That only adds to your chaos.

Let me know if these tips are helpful.

What are your best tips for keeping Facebook from adding to your chaos?

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