81: Understanding Your Body: Hormone Coaching and Fertility Awareness with Bekah Yawn

Imagine unlocking the mysteries of God designed your body, understanding what every sign and symptom is trying to communicate to you.

That's the extraordinary journey Bekah Yawn, hormone coach and FEMM educator, has been on and she's here to share her invaluable insights with us. Bekah's personal experiences with the fertility awareness-based method and hormone coaching form the backbone of our enlightening conversation. We explore the need for birth control options free of detrimental side effects and abortifacient concerns.

In the latter half of our discussion, we dive deeper into the exploration of various resources Becca utilized to understand her body, such as the Marquette Method. We lay bare the multitude of root causes for hormonal imbalances and suggest ways to address them. We underscore the significance of hormone coaching in alleviating symptoms and restoring root causes. Ending on an empowering note, we focus on how Becca, through her personalized health coaching, equips women with practical solutions and teaches them how to trust their own bodies. So, tune in and ready yourself for a wealth of knowledge that is about to unfold.

Meet Bekah
Bekah Yawn, FEMM Educator & Hormone Coach at Fertility Set Free

Bekah Yawn has worked with dozens of women and couples nationwide to empower them in their fertility, cycle, and hormones. With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, graduating top in her class with FEMM, and certified as a Hormone Coach through the Fiat Institute, she is well respected in the fertility education community. As a FEMM educator and Hormone Coach, she can help any woman learn magnitudes about her body and how to support it naturally through utilizing her FEMM Hormone Harmony program.

email fertilitysetfree@gmail.com
website www.fertilitysetfree.com
social @bekah.yawn

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