85: Understanding and Embracing Our Emotions: A Divine Gift Not to be Suppressed

What if the emotions you've been told to suppress are actually a divine gift? I’m joined by Theresa Emanuel, founder of P31Virtues Christian Lifestyle Blog,  to challenge the cultural messages that have told us to hide our feelings. We're taking a stand, asserting that emotions are not a problem, but a gift meant to be acknowledged and savored.

 We delve into the often confusing space between thoughts and emotions, and provide helpful strategies to manage them effectively.

This episode promises you a fresh perspective on how to handle emotions, leaving you empowered to embrace your feelings in a healthier and more fulfilling way. Join us for a conversational journey to understanding and embracing the intricate fabric of our emotions.

Meet Theresa
Theresa Emanuel is an author, speaker, and creator of the P31Virtues Christian Lifestyle Blog and the Faith Food Fellowship podcast. She encourages Christian women to put their faith into action daily while nurturing themselves through biblical self-care. Then they can harness spiritual laws and exponentially increase their joy and good success. Through her podcast, Theresa exudes the love of God and brilliantly relates how her faith influences her multifaceted life. She simplifies the Christian experience from guilt-laden regulations to proactive life-enhancing action steps. Think of her as an inspired personal stylist for the heart because empowerment is supernatural, not superficial.

Email: Theresa@p31entrepreneur.com

Website: https://www.faithfoodfellowship.com

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