94: You can Get Past the Mom Guilt:Receiving Forgiveness

Have you ever felt the weight of guilt as a mother, haunted by the moments you wish you could take back? I know I have, and in our latest conversation, I lay bare the emotional journey of confronting the guilt born from unintentionally instilling fear into my child. We tackle the tough work of dismantling that foundation, replacing it with trust and the unwavering grace we're so freely given. This isn't about wallowing in what's been done; it's about confessing, seeking forgiveness, and most importantly, learning to move forward. By sharing my own steps towards healing, I hope to guide you through the liberating process of letting go of the guilt that binds us.

As we delve deeper, we unearth the truths about our identity in Christ. There's a profound freedom in understanding that we are made righteous through Him, not through our own toils and efforts. I discuss how embracing this transformative belief can release us from the past and propel us into the life we are meant to live—free from the chains of guilt and fear. I encourage you to share your own stories, seek advice, and build a supportive community where we can all thrive in the light of these revelations. Together, let's step into the freedom that comes with being new creations in Christ, leaving behind old patterns for a fresh start.

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