95: Doodles of Grace: A Visual Diary for Life’s Journey

Slow down.
Walk at My pace.

As I wandered along the twisting path of life's relentless demands, an unexpected lesson in the art of slowing down emerged, beckoning me towards a dance with grace. The story I share with you isn't just mine; it's a chorus of voices from those who've attended my Heart Doodling Workshops, all learning to navigate the delicate balance between hope and discouragement, as we together unravel the complexities of life's transitions. Embark with me on a heartfelt exploration of obedience, where my personal sketches become the map to understanding how to manage the pressures that test our faith, and how to distinguish the transformative power of simple steps from the overwhelming ambitions of large projects.

In the sacred space of your headphones, I'll unveil the Effective Heart Doodling Technique, a practice interwoven into the fabric of my daily life, now ready to be shared with you. This isn't just a creative endeavor; it's a vessel for clarity, a visual diary of divine guidance and personal growth. Through these doodles, we're invited to anchor ourselves in the memories of our triumphs and trials, ensuring we never forget the lessons carved into our hearts. As we journey together, we discover not only the art but also the heart within the doodles, capturing the essence of our experiences and the whispers of wisdom that guide us through.

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