97: Embracing Your Mistakes: The Heart Doodling Path to Self-Compassion and Growth

How do you talk to yourself when you make a mistake?

Is it kind and encouraging? Is it helpful?

If you talked to a friend the way you talk to yourself would you still be friends?

For so many years the answer was no. No it was not kind. No it wasn’t helpful. No, I wouldn’t have any friends if I spoke to them the way I spoke to myself.

It’s ironic that as I try to write this I am debating if it is better to go find what I’ve already written on this topic or to start over. And if I start over do I write or do I talk it out first? What’s the “best” way to do this? Because I’m afraid of making a mistake… 

There is no best way. The best way is to write, something, somehow. Not keep thinking about writing, not keep looking for things I think I said or where I think I covered this before. If I remember them and decide to include them that’s fine. Right now it’s time to write. Not to refine and produce a finished piece. It’s time to write. To get thoughts out of my head so I can work with them until they are ready to share with you.

One of the ways I fight this drive to always do everything in the “best” way is through Heart Doodling with Jesus. In her free workshop, Maritza Parra  teaches the concept of using a permanent marker to doodle and watercolor paint to paint your doodles. Her reasoning is to create the practice of accepting mistakes as part of the learning process. I have found this to be a powerful practice and encourage anyone trying Heart Doodling with Jesus to do the same.

Now there’s a voice inside that needs to be silenced. This voice tells me it’s bad unless it’s perfect, and it’s never perfect. This voice tells me if I don’t do well people will leave. It tells me if I cause problems they will leave. I silence that voice everytime I pick up my permanent marker and make an imperfect doodle. Everytime I keep going with a lopsided box, the head of my little Ava-Doodle wonky instead of round, I keep writing when I spelled a word wrong. I keep the message from the Lord even when the paint ran and no one but me knows what the picture was anyway.

Mistakes are okay. They are normal. They are part of learning. We practice. As we practice we will make mistakes.

Heart Doodling with Jesus gives you small, safe practice at many skills you may have missed growing up. Using the permanent marker and watercolor paints give you practice in seeing mistakes are part of learning. Mistakes don’t ruin things. I’ll talk more about that in Don’t Start Over Sit with It.

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