Can You Say That Again, God?

Does God speak? Can you hear Him?

This video was recorded on Monday with Mukkove, a weekly feature in the Ready. Set. SOAR! Community on Facebook.

Edited transcript:
I felt like I failed all the time and I was miserable. And it didn’t matter how hard I tried. It didn’t work. Other people would come from a conference or read a book and say, ”This was life-changing! Just do this.” I would try to do that and it just wouldn’t work. It just would convince me, “It’s me. I’m severely broken. I’m severely messed up, severely flawed.” 

I wanted to be pleasing to the Lord and wanted to be impacting people for the Lord. Trying harder was not working.  

When I learned to hear God’s voice for myself, I began to be able to see myself the way God sees me. That allowed Him to transform me through transforming my thinking instead of me trying to transform my thinking without having that revelation. Getting thoughts directly from Him is huge.  

Does God speak to us outside of the Bible? Yes, He does. The first thing to know about that is while He speaks to us outside of the Bible, He will never disagree with what is written in the Bible. If you hear somebody talking about God telling them to do something that is clearly not scriptural, they’re not listening to God, they’re hearing another voice.  

There are other voices.

We have our own thoughts, we have God thoughts, we have the thoughts in the world, which really closely tied to the enemy’s thoughts. We need to recognize those voices. We need to know who we’re listening to.  

God does speak in His word and He never contradicts His word. He’s also infinitely creative and speaks in lots of other ways. He can give pictures, movies, colors, numbers, words, impressions, like someone comes to mind and you just kind of have an impression that you should pray for them or get ahold of them or something. He uses physical sensations. You might feel heat, or cool, or tingly. There are all kinds of different ways that God speaks. You can learn to recognize when it’s Him.  

Is it Him? Is it me? or Is it the enemy? 

We have to think to have a thought of our own. The spirit realm sends spontaneous thoughts. If a thought just pops into your head it’s not your thought. If it’s positive, encouraging, and agrees with scripture, if it’s building you up, then that’s a God thought. You want to keep that. If it’s not, then that’s the enemy. Like when those condemning thoughts just pop into your head and like, “You so screwed this up.” That’s not God talking to you because there is no condemnation for us who are in Christ Jesus. 

We can always turn back to God and ask, “What do You want to do with this?” Because He can trump what the enemy says every time.  

God created you with a unique fingerprint and He created you with a unique way to hear from Him. There’s not a formula of this is how it has to look. The only formula is that has to agree with scripture.

What is your experience hearing from God?

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