Do It Scared – How to Look Brave

Have you heard the way to look brave is to “do it scared”?

That’s what I’m doing! Stepping out and saying yes to God’s challenge to me.

God has been challenging me to share how He is transforming me. I share tools and practical ways to walk out the freedom Jesus bought for us by His death and resurrection. The first step is learning to hear God’s voice for yourself.

I created an online course called Transformational Quiet Times: Learn the Power of Conversational Prayer. Here’s the introduction.

Do you know God wants to talk to you? Do you know He has answers to your questions? He has good things to say?

He does and you can learn to hear from Him for yourself.

He desires a relationship with you. A good relationship requires good communication.

I have learned over the years, through various teachers, books, and lots of practice; that God wants to talk to me just like He wants to talk to you. I would love for you to join me in Transformational Quiet Times to learn the power of conversational prayer.

My relationship has grown so much richer and life-giving. It’s transformed from trying to keep a list of do’s or don’ts and being all about performance to truly being about a relationship and a God who loves me and wants to work in me to accomplish His plans and His purposes.

In Transformational Quiet Times we’ll cover:

  • what the Bible has to say about God talking to us personally
  • answers to questions and objections
  • the variety of ways that God wants to speak to us
  • how we can prepare our surroundings
  • how to prepare our hearts to hear from Him
  • learn to hear His voice
  • practice asking open-ended questions
  • using our imagination
  • ask His opinion about things
  • replace lies and change mindsets that keep us stuck and defeated

I hope you’ll join me.

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I would love to hear how God is working in your life right now. Is there somewhere He is calling you to step out even when you’re scared?

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