Embracing the Unfinished Story: Finding Purpose and Perspective Through Doodling #103

Have you ever felt like sharing your story is only valid once you've conquered your demons? I've been there. This week on the podcast, we're tearing down the facade that we must be 'fixed' before we can contribute anything of value. With vulnerability as my compass, I navigate the raw, unpolished terrain of personal narratives that are still unfolding, and discuss why these tales in transit are just as vital as those with a polished end. Embracing the messiness of the middle, I reveal how gradual steps in the dark often lead to profound growth and why it's crucial to cherish the journey as much as the destination.

The episode then shifts to a seemingly simple yet powerful tool for clarity—doodling. Sharing my own moment of mental fog lifting as I imagined sketching my thoughts, I invite you to discover how this act can anchor us in purpose and faith, serving as a beacon through life's storms. We're not all artists.

Join me as we explore the beauty of grounding ourselves in purpose and the unexpected shifts in perspective that can emerge from the taking up a pen and listening for the Lord.

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