How Being Overwhelmed Pushed Me to Grow

Becoming a mom was the most amazing end overwhelming thing in my life – all four times.

We teach what we know, but we reproduced who we are. John Maxwell

The truth of this quote terrified me because I did not want anyone to be like me. I was so insecure. I had so much self-hatred. I did not like myself and I didn’t understand how anyone else would like me. I did not want to reproduce that ever. So, knowing I would reproduce who I was, terrified me.

 We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. Franklin D. Roosevelt

This quote embodies the philosophy that I took out of that terrifying realization. It became my passion as a mom to become someone I wanted my children to be like. I worked with the Lord to be transformed into His image – from glory to glory. And as I did that, I learned tools and I modeled the process to my children, to build their foundations and build them for the future.

We are Pioneering

We’re in a time no one has ever been in before. That’s probably true of any generation, but it feels more true of our generation. And maybe it doesn’t matter if it’s truer. It is true as mothers. Every child is a new adventure without a clearly marked trail. They have different needs, different gifts.

Our children, no matter what they go on to be, will be also pioneering because we’ve never had the technology that we have now. We’ve never had the connection and the disconnection. We’ve never had the opportunities and the catastrophes. It’s a world none of us have known that we are preparing them for. 

We’re all pioneering and we need to be transformed to be able to go out and pioneer the paths that we’re supposed to pioneer for the people that are going to follow us. To get healed enough to be of service to others. That’s what I’ve done and what I do for my clients.

As a pioneer, I can grab somebody by the hand and say, you can do this. This is how you are going to pioneer. Not that you’re going to be like me, but that there are tools and principles to say you are free to be a pioneer and you’re also not completely alone.

Pioneering feels lonely. The majority of people don’t understand what you’re doing because you’re going a different way. You’re making a new path and that part I understand. I can support you in being a pioneer while allowing you to go your own way. You don’t need to go my way. You don’t need to go alone.

In what ways are you a pioneer?

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