I Wish I Could Stop Feeling!

What I feel is bad. I don’t know what to do with it. I should be able to stop feeling this way because these feelings aren’t helpful.

Feelings are helpful when you know how they work

Our other senses give us valuable information about our physical world, emotions give us valuable feedback about our relationships – with God, yourself and others. We would never wish to stop seeing or hearing, why do we wish to stop feeling?

Because we don’t know how to hear the messages they have for us. 

How do we get the messages

Feel the emotion

How does your body feel? How are you breathing? Where is there peace? Where is there stress? Where is it coming from?

Name the emotion

If you want help you can use a list of emotions to get you started. Name as many emotions and reasons for them as you can.

Ask what the message is

Once you know where the emotions are coming from and what they are called you can ask what the emotions are trying to tell you. Is there someone you need to talk to, someone to forgive, a change to make?

Be curious

Giving the emotion time to communicate with you gets rid of it faster than trying to ignore it. Better yet ask God what the emotion is trying to tell you. He created you to feel them He will be glad to help you learn to use them for your good and His glory. 

Read more about what that could look like in this post, 

Your Emotions Have Something to Tell You

God is not afraid of our mess. He is not afraid of us being in a mess.

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