In and Above the Storms

One of Jesus’s names is Immanuel, God with us. That can be a great comfort when we are in a stormy season of life.
I was imagining myself in the eye of the storm and God is with me there. He has promised to never leave me.  Experiencing Love

I can join Him above the storm

He also showed me that I can join Him where He is – over the storm. Where He sits He sees so much more. He is smiling, truly excited, because He knows the end from the beginning. He’s inviting me, inviting you to join Him where he is seated above the storm. We can see His perspective. We can be excited too because He has made the way for us to be above the storm.

Stormy Seasons

In this season He has told me He is not sending the storms. He told me that the storms are the enemy being like a toddler and throwing a tantrum. Have you ever been in a good place as a parent? You know that place where you can watch your toddler’s tantrum and be like, “Oh, wow! I’m sorry this is so rough for you, but it’s okay.” with a smile on your face?

When we are above the storm we can look at the enemy’s stuff that way. One day I even was making a list of all the things that had happened, the storms that had hit, in like a 10-day period. It was a long list! As I made the list I was just like, “Oh my goodness! How strong does he see me? How big does he see my destiny? For him to be throwing all of this at me?” It was a refreshing perspective. Instead of being bogged down, huddled down in the middle of the storm trying to be okay I was like “Wow! Okay. Yeah, it’s stormy and God you’re not causing these so I’m going to be okay.”

God will join us in the storm

The other thing He showed me about being in the storm and being God with us is that when we just can’t quite- because of our emotions or just physical tiredness or whatever it is; we can’t quite get ourselves to sit with Him and see from His perspective. He’s willing to come and join us in the storm. He surrounds us in the storm. He doesn’t condemn us if that’s where we’re at. He just encourages us and keeps reminding us of whom we serve and what He’s promised until we can lift our heads.

A word of encouragement

Let’s intentionally do that for each other. If there’s somebody who you can see from the outside that things really aren’t as bad as they’re feeling like they are but they just can’t quite join you above the storm. Then, join them. Don’t join them in the same emotions but join them gently with the word of truth. Not “Come up here and then I can fellowship with you.”, but I can bring the truth I know. I can bring the truth of scripture and the revelation of Heaven to you in the middle of your storm, in the middle of the mire. We build a firm place for you to stand and to take that first step out.

How do you see God in the storms?

What do you need when the storm seems too strong to join God above the storm?

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