Run into the Storm

We’re called to soar. We’re called to live above our circumstances. I was listening to Broken Walls at the Alaska State Fair. Jonathan Maracle, a Mohawk Indian, shared how they teach to be like the eagle. In a storm every other animal goes and hunkers down to wait out the storm. An eagle flies into the storm. By flying into the storm, it can catch the updrafts and be carried up above the storm. 

How do we run into the storm? How do we catch the updraft?

 If you have a strong, negative emotional response to the idea of doing something, do it. It may be a hard conversation, starting a new relationship, trying a new skill or investing in yourself. My most recent experience is investing in myself. There is a coaching training in Florida in November. I didn’t even allow myself to consider going at first. Even though I told myself no I kept wondering, “What if?” As I did thoughts like, “I wouldn’t fit in. I’m not like them. I’m not worth investing in.” flooded my mind. What got my attention was the fear that came with those thoughts. I’ve come to recognize that kind of fear as the enemy trying to keep me from God’s best. As soon as I recognized the fear for what it was I knew I had to go. I registered and ran into the storm. That storm isn’t over. I have two months until the event. This is my time to soar. How do I do that? 

Focus on God’s thoughts.

What God says, the promises He makes are the updrafts, the winds that carry us over the storm. Ask Him what He is saying. Find scripture to meditate on. 

The view above the storm is always sunny

When you get above the storm experience the hope and freedom that is there. Imagine yourself above what you’ve been dealing with. How does a perspective change? It’s still big, but you can see the whole thing and you can see it is going to pass. There’s an end to it. It is limited. You can have God’s perspective. There is light, there’s the hope. As I imagine myself being that eagle rising above, I can feel a shift in my spirit. It is so freeing. I know I can do this.

Find people who will hold your arms up

In worship, I keep finding myself arms spread wide open like an eagle soaring. It is a posture of surrender and a place of rest. When my arms started to get tired I was reminded of Exodus 17. When Moses held his arms up Israel would win the battle. If he let his arms down the battle turned. Aaron and Hur gave him a place to sit and held his arms up for him. God is so gracious, we don’t even have to hold our own arms up all the time! He has people to support us and help us when we get tired.


We prepare for battles. We don’t have to fight. God says I am the Lord, I fight for you. We prepare our hearts. We set our thinking to how God thinks and what he says. Soaring is how the battle is fought. An eagle isn’t fighting a battle when soaring. There were so many times Israel prepared for battles, but they didn’t have to fight. They prepared. They had to consecrate themselves to the Lord. They had to worship, they had to walk out in obedience. But so often they didn’t actually have to fight the battle. We’re preparing for the battle. That’s our job. But actually fighting the battle is His and we win. We always win. 

Stay in the truth

One acronym for soar I came up with is See Over Apparent Reality. We’re getting above our feelings, our circumstances. They’re real, they’re valid, but they’re not necessarily the truth. I can be facing discouraging circumstances or a discouraging situation. But the truth is that I’m an overcomer and I have everything I need to finish this good work in Christ Jesus. Another acronym is Sure Of Authority and Revelation. We are carried on the wind of our confidence in the Lord. Confidence from — the authority He’s given us, the revelations He has given us of who He is, of who we are, and what He has created us for. 

Look for what God is doing

Look back and review from the beginning of the year. What has God said to you this year? What promises did He make? Look at how he’s already been working in agreement with what He said. 

I can continue to run into the storm because I can look at what God has already done. I can look at the work that’s already happened. He is faithful.

How do you face a storm?

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