What’s in a Name?

Where does the name of Mukkove come from? What does it mean? How do you pronounce it? What nationality is it? 

Answering that and any other questions you might have about my name.

I wanted to do a quick video about my name, because that’s probably the question I get asked the most.

How do you pronounce it? muck-cove I think of like an ocean cove type place. A lot of people just hearing it think like McDonald’s or McDougall. It’s not that, so it’s not Scottish. 

It’s not my last name. That’s another frequently asked question. When I’m asked for my name I’ll say Mukkove. They’ll say, “And what’s your first name?” That is my first name. 

I love it. I love having a unique name. I think it’s beautiful and it’s never bothered me that people don’t get it. I totally understand that you don’t get it because you’ve never heard it before.

So the story goes that my dad heard the name in a movie when he was in high school. Now, I was born when he was 39. But when he heard the name in the movie, he said, “that’s what I’m going to name my daughter one day.” He doesn’t remember the name of the movie. Doesn’t remember what the name was, what the movie was about. So we’ve since decided they probably just heard it wrong. 

Regardless. It’s been my name and I’ve loved it for all these years and I’ve never met another Mukkove. 

When the internet came about, I would frequently search and try and see if it would come up with anything. Of course, it didn’t until one day it did, there was a huge tsunami over in Sri Lanka. And one of the people groups impacted by that were the Tamil people. For whatever reason, a website with their language came up. And so a word spelled M U K K O V E. just like my name, came up and it meant “diving fishermen” or “an underwater fishermen”. I thought that fit very well. I like the tropics. I like to swim. My middle name is Pearl. I am definitely a deep person. I like to go deep. I don’t like surface conversations or surface anything. Things need to mean something to me. So I feel like it’s incredibly fitting and that was kind of fun. 

My niece has the middle name Mukkove. My daughter has the middle name Kove. I’m starting to see it in other places. I still haven’t seen him Mukkove, but I’m starting to seek Mukkove out there. Which is kind of fun. 

Pearl is a family name was my great grandma’s middle name. And I think some of my aunts and things, and I’ve always loved that name too, because it represents God taking something hard and uncomfortable and turning it into something beautiful, which is what He does with all of our hard things. If we will surrender to Him and cooperate with Him in that process. 

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