Broken Yet Fruitful

First Posted on KovesCove on July 10, 2011

I walk. I sing. I pray. “Let me see things as You do.”

This flower is broken. Its design has been destroyed.
And yet it is fruitful. So much more fruitful now, after brokenness.

“Let me be as fruitful out my my brokenness.”
Brokenness need not be an ending. It may be a new begining.

What a good God to design fruitfulness from brokenness. These fireweed grow one tall stalk of flowers, yet when it is removed they do not give up. They produce even more.

Jesus was also broken. The origional design had been destroyed by sin. Jesus is now the firstborn of many. When the church is persecuted it grows faster and stronger.

May I be fruitful after brokenness.

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