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Living Each Day With My Father: Thanksgiving

Blog-2015-004-FATHER-ThanksWhile I know having a thankful heart is key to living with the Father I had a very hard time with this chapter. I often look for a warm fuzzy feeling to go with being thankful. I expect to “feel” thankful. I rarely do. I am thankful. I appreciate many things but I rarely “feel” thankful. Something I am still sorting out.

Being thankful is a choice. I choose to be thankful regardless of feelings or circumstances, or even natural disposition. I have often tended to be the Eeyore.

  • I see what’s wrong instead of right.
  • I see how far there is to go instead of how far I’ve come.
  • I see the work and get tired.

I also can see the good in people in hard things and I choose to give thanks.

I thank Him in faith for the things He has promised.

A roadblock to my thankfulness was “but”. There were challenging people and situations where I would thank God for some aspect then follow with a “but”.

I imagine that is much like the apology “I’m sorry, but…”

Even as I am writing this I see more areas where I have kept the “but”. I first realized it in a hard relationship. I repented and let go of that “but”. Now I see I still have “buts” to clear out of other areas.

I’m thankful for my husband’s job but I wish he didn’t have to work away.

I’m thankful we are building our dream shop but I wish it would go faster.

If I really believe God is good and working ALL things for my good I have no reason for anything but thanksgiving.

Practical ideas

Choose to be thankful

If I forget about trying, hoping to “feel” thankful then I can see some practical ways I am working to cultivate a grateful heart.

When I or someone around me complains I find something about that same thing to be thankful for.

“It looks like rain.”

“I’m thankful, we need the rain.”

I choose to start my time with God thanking Him for something. Even on days that don’t seem too good He is always good and I can always start there. Some days I just stay there. He is good – always. I’m thankful!


Something that helps me be truly thankful and overflow in praise is to meditate on God’s word. Meditating is like marinating your mind, soul, and spirit in something. It’s constantly thinking about something.

Do you obsess? I often do, about what someone said, what I said, what I wish I had said. God made us to obsess about Him. Find a scripture and obsess about it. Allow it to become more and more true to you.

How about Romans 8:28?

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose. – Rom 8:28 KJV

Like I said if I really believe and focus on the fact that ALL things – delays, frustrating behavior, difficult people – are working for my good I can be really thankful. Don’t take me wrong. I am not saying bad things happening are sent by God and we are to do nothing about them. We have authority, remember? God is always speaking and can show us if there is something we can do about a bad or hard situation. While we wait and listen we can always give thanks and rejoice. (Philippians 4:4-8)

Get rid of the “buts”

Listen to your thoughts this week as you give thanks. Is there are but tagging along? Repent, confess, ask forgiveness if need be. Ask God for His perspective.

Express thanks to people, too

Developing thankfulness and the habit of expressing it in one area will increase it in all areas. God can bless us through people. We can and should thank them for blessing us.

Record and take time to remember

What has God already done for you? This can start with things that are true for every believer. Salvation. Forgiving you. Restoring you to relationship with Himself. Eternal life. Grace.

Add things specific to your story. Has He healed you? Provided special blessings? Children? Spouse? Direction? God constantly told Israel to remember. They built altars and had feasts to remember the salvation of the LORD. Jesus told us to take communion to remember.

Be thankful His faithfulness in the past reassures us of His faithfulness in the future.

I have a very simple printable you can use to frame your day if it’s helpful. As I did mine I could feel stress leaving and peace growing. I often reread it during hard times of the day.

Blue printable

Download printable in orange

Download printable in blue

Download printable in green

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Living Each Day with My Father: Authority

Living each day with authority

To live each day with our Father takes recognizing we have authority and learning how to use it.

I have by no means arrived here, or on any of these topics. I am learning and sharing along the way. I feel I need to do a little “teaching” on authority, maybe because I am still figuring it out for myself. Care to join me?

Brief history of authority

Power and authority are closely connected and often used interchangeably. The definitions in the original languages include the meanings of both.

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Matthew 28:18 KJV

The word power in this verse includes the meaning “the power of authority” and “one who possesses authority” (Strong’s)

  • God gave it to Adam – Genesis 1:26-31
  • Adam forfeited it by partnering with Satan and disobeying God – Genesis 3:6, 1 Timothy 2:14
  • Satan had authority – Luke 4:6, 2 Corinthians 4:4
  • Jesus restored authority to Heaven when He was raised from the dead – Ephesians 1:20-22,
  • God gave us authority – Ephesians 1:22-23, 2:6; Matthew 28:18-20

What are we are supposed to do with this authority? What do we have authority over?

  • All things – Ephesians 1:22
  • The world – 1 John 4:4
  • Thoughts – 2 Corinthians 10:5
  • Speech – Colossians 4:6, Ephesians 4:29
  • Emotions – Colossians 3:8-14
  • Mountains – Matthew 17:20
  • Satan and his realm – James 4:7, Matthew 10:1, 12:28

I have much to learn in all these areas. I want you to be aware of them and begin to use your authority. I want to focus on our authority over ourselves, our thoughts, and our choices.

Ways of exercising authority

Blessing my day

Something I started doing recently is blessing my day. I was listening to a message by Joyce Meyer. She said something to the effect of taking authority over your day by blessing it and everything in it. Blessing is more than a saying, more than “I wish you the best.” Our words of blessing carry power and the authority for God to move in the situation we have blessed.

Pleading the blood of Jesus

Pleading the blood may sound strange. Think of a court of law. A defendant is brought before the judge and asked how they plead. They can say guilty or not guilty. Because of Jesus we can say “I plead the blood of Jesus.” Jesus sacrifice makes us righteous fully adopted children of the Most High God! That carries some major authority. Everything God made available to Jesus is available to us. We are co-heirs with Jesus.

Declare my authority

I state my authority, reminding myself and Satan daily that he has no right to me or anything concerning me. I am under the blood of Jesus. My property, finances, family, everything concerning me is under the blood. Jesus provided for it to be safe from the thief.

Over my emotions

I frequently have to take authority over my emotions. Emotions are real. They are not always true and they are even less often a good basis for decisions. I am learning to feel and understand my emotions and what caused them without letting them run my life. Notice I said learning. I still struggle and fail in moments and situations. I will keep learning. I will keep asking.


Is there an area you need to exercise the authority Jesus has given you?

How will using your authority change your perspective?

What scriptures are you standing on for assurance of your authority?

How will you practically take authority over this area?

Blue printable

Write out your day with your Father.

Download printable in orange

Download printable in blue

Download printable in green

I encourage you to keep it where you can read it during your day. Some days I take a picture with my phone so I can take it with me.

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5th Week – July 2014

This week I’d like to introduce you to four Alaskan authors. They have some other things in common as well.
They are all moms.
They love Jesus and families.
Their writing blesses me.
I know them all in real life.
They share a passion to encourage moms.
So here you go.
Check them out.
You will be blessed.
Copperlight Wood
Shannon shares her faith journey at Copperlight Wood. Homeschooling, parenting, international adoption, and attachment issues stretch her to trust God more and more.  Her writing makes me laugh and cry. It stirs deep.
When life allows she sends out a newsletter with content that doesn’t post on her blog. I encourage you to sign up.


Photo: Free Resource: Become the Mom You Truly Want to Be!

Sign up here:

Join me, Ashley Brendle (mother of 7 amazing kids) as we'll be tackling these 3 core areas of motherhood that have transformed my life:

1. Connecting with God's presence and power during the impossibilities of motherhood
2. Accepting and receiving the provision you already have to overcome the obstacles blocking you from the mom you want to be.
3. Accessing God's wisdom and revelation for the problems you're facing right now!

With this free course, you'll get tools to move from survival mode to empowered as a thriving mom in the difficult challenge of motherhood.

Click here to get started:


Ashley is a short time Alaskan. Since she moved here just over a year ago she has become very dear to me. Last summer I joined a study she led through her book Supernatural Mothering: Where God’s Presence and Power Invade Motherhood. It was transformational.

You can read her blog, listen to her podcast at Supernatural Mothering and even sign up for a free course (link above) on partnering with Jesus in your mothering, and the rest of life really, but when you are a mom sometimes that seems to cover it.

The Masterpiece Mom PodcastAmanda and I met years ago in MOPS, an amazing ministry to mothers of preschoolers. She continued to minister with MOPS long after I moved on. Amanda writes about homeschooling, life as a mom, adoption and of course resting in the masterpiece God has made each of us to be.

I also met Anne-Renee through MOPS. She shares Amanda’s passion for moms to see themselves through God’s eyes. She is a sweet joyful soul. She’s a working, non-homeschooling mom so she brings a different perspective than the rest.

Amanda and Anne-Renee have started a podcast. My summer’s been busy so I haven’t listened to as many as I would like. They offer encouragement and remind us not to take ourselves too seriously, we’re all only human.

I hope you enjoy these mom’s and their ministries.

I know I do.

Christian, Wife, Mother, and Author loving life in Alaska.

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But With God


As we move ahead on our shop and apartments, our God Sized Project I am facing things I wasn’t expecting, things we can’t possibly do.

Jesus, looking on them, said, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for all things are possible with God. Mark 10:27 BBE

But with God. I love that! We started this project knowing we couldn’t do it. Why should I be surprised or tempted to worry when I see something we can’t do? I shouldn’t!

When God handles my impossible situation He alone gets the glory. People will see what a great God I serve.

Our Christian walk is the same, a God sized project. We cannot possibly do it on our own.
But with God.
With God ALL things are possible.

Christian, Wife, Mother, and Author loving life in Alaska.

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Just Breathe by Raven Style


I needed this today. I thought you might, too.
I love to plan, and plan, and plan. Often my days are lost in planning and my planning lost in my days. I need balance. Today that balance looks more like letting go than planning.

Christian, Wife, Mother, and Author loving life in Alaska.

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Live Like I’m in Heaven

This morning I read again Ephesians 2:6. I was stressing about homeschooling and having two extra kids who also have homeschooling over the next few weeks. This phrase “seated us in the heavens” struck me and I thought I would share the response God led me to:
In the heavens there is no anxiety, no panic, no “What am I going to do?” God has promised wisdom and provision. I will live like I believe Him.
What wonderful peace!

Christian, Wife, Mother, and Author loving life in Alaska.

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Praise, Plan, and Purpose – A Look at Today

Those who seek the LORD
Those who seek the LORD

Even young lions sometimes lack food and are hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing. Psalm 34:10


I praise you that you want to be found, Lord. I praise you for all the good things you supply me. Keep me focused on your good, your blessing. Focusing on what I see, or even worse – feel, is so discouraging. You are good, you have good plans. I am seeking you. I want to know you more. I want to hear your breath, see the love in your eyes. I want to walk aware of your presence. You are in me and I am in you. Your life flows through me. I can love because you love. I can serve because you serve. I can sacrifice because you gave it all for me and to me. I will never lack any good thing.


First order of the day, Breakfast. We have been heavy on egg breakfasts this summer. Right now my hens are not laying enough to feed us and I am having a hard time figuring out how to satisfy two growing boys without eggs. I think this morning may have to be pancakes.

We have to leave, having eaten lunch, by 12 to get to art class.

We are still working on getting back in the routine of doing a morning routine, including chores, in a timely manner. Two have started math, the other will have to start this morning. I have a busier – and feels more confusing – schedule than I have had in the past. I need a good simple strategy to keep us all on track.

Dinner? I really need a better strategy for dinner, too. Working on a menu and a plan are part of this morning’s agenda.

We will be out most of the afternoon so we need to prepare for our first Co-op tomorrow this morning, at least making a list of what will need to be ready before bed so we can have an easier morning. I am teaching two classes and I have to ask some questions before I know exactly what I need.

So I’ve got breakfast, math, menu planning, Co-op preparations… I guess that will get me started. I need to record how long things take us so I can plan better. We may do a language lesson this morning if we have time. Oh and introduce our memory verse. I found this great blog with links to scripture songs and illustrated printables for many verses. I think it will make memorizing easier and more fun.

Praise, Plan, Purpose
The way to a peaceful day

Purpose to follow through.

The main thing for this is to not get distracted online. I get sucked in and off track WAY too easy. Another huge stumbling block is talking myself out of doing something I don’t want to do for some reason (fear, indecision). When I skip or put off one thing it is much easier to put off more, besides there is that little condemning voice playing that I want to drown out. Anyway that is why purposing to follow through is my last step. I asked God to help me plan so that means I need to do what we got on the list!

My plan is to:

* stick to the list

* record how long things take

* make notes on trouble spots


How about you?

What helps you to Praise, Plan, and Purpose to follow through?

Christian, Wife, Mother, and Author loving life in Alaska.

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Praise, Plan, Purpose

Praise, Plan, Purpose


Praise, Plan, Purpose
The way to a peaceful day

Yesterday I was asking the Lord for a strategy for this season I am moving into. Summer is ending. Fall and winter coming means shifting our energies back to school. I can easily get lost in all I have to do.


Praise the LORD

Plan the day

Purpose to follow through


He boils things down so simply.


Praise the LORD


If I begin by praising Him I am reminded of how good He is, all the good He has done for me. I remember His promises. I remember who He is. I am brought into His presence. Looking into His face makes it easier to hear His voice.


Plan the day


Hearing His voice is what I need to plan my day. What things are truly important to get done? Who can do the task besides me? How will my time best be spent today? He has all those answers.


Purpose to follow through


Then to follow through… I like to plan. I would even say I’m pretty good at it. When it comes to running my home I am far better at planning than I am at carrying it through. I get so distracted. I get so overwhelmed. I get stuck trying to find a home for everything or trying to get rid of enough stuff to make it all fit but still have what we need.


I am seeking to follow His simple strategy. I can do the next thing on the list. What always surprises, and throws me, is I finish His list. I never finish mine.


I’ll post more of what transitioning from summer to winter is looking like for us this year and the strategies God is giving me for this season.


How is your transition to school going?


What strategies has God given you for the season you’re in?


Christian, Wife, Mother, and Author loving life in Alaska.