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Cooking Extravaganza ~ Gabby Mom Review

A bundle of short helpful little books is the subject of November’s review. The bundle contains 7 e-books and the bound version of What’s for Dinner, Mom? There are ideas for breakfast, bulk cooking, salads, pizza, and more. You can read my review of What’s for Dinner, Mom? This bundle is $19.97 at Eternal Encouragement. If you want it by Christmas be sure to order by December 12th.
I used Lorrie’s idea for making a breakfast and dinner menu. Very simple yet flexible. Pick a theme of some kind for the day – Mexican, crock pot – and then list family favorites for each category. If you can come up with four in each category you have 4 weeks of menus, or at least a really good start.
Here’s a little more idea of what you’d be getting:
Bulk Cooking Tips & Tricks: Lorrie has a very simple approach she explains in detail in What’s For Dinner Mom?” This little gem shares a little how and why.
Fill ‘em Up: Most of this seemed like common sense to me however if you have kids who are never full and you need help Lorrie has lots of ideas in here.
Healthy Sanity Saving Breakfast Ideas: Simple meal plan – reduces decisions, great sounding recipes
Pizza Primer: Must read! My children like homemade pizza so if someone can tell me what I could be doing better I’m all for it!
In full discloser I am giving my honest review based on reading these books. I have tried some of the planning and bulk cooking tips. I haven’t actually gotten around to trying any new recipes, though they are on my list to make, just not where I remember when I running behind and have to get dinner started, those nights it’s the ones I know by heart that get made, and that’s been most of the time lately.
See more great resources from Lorrie at Eternal Encouragement.
Lorrie’s doing a giveaway at Randy’s Rib. Be sure to visit and enter before December 1st.

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