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Countdown to Christmas: Focus on Jesus- Are You Ready?

Here we are days before Christmas.
Are you ready?
Gifts may be bought and wrapped, or not.
Food may be planned and prepared, or not.
The to do list may be getting shorter, or longer.

Are you ready for Christmas?
Are you ready to celebrate your Savior’s birth?
Not only the birth, the life the death, the overcoming resurrection, and victorious reigning?

God with us.

The God humble enough to be a baby, caring enough to walk in our shoes, loving enough to die in our place, and holy enough to rise and reign forever.
If you’re ready I applaud you.
If you’re not ready please join me in getting ready.
Take the time to wonder.
Make time to receive His amazing love.
Make time as a family to recount the blessings of the last year.

Merry Christmas! Celebrate Jesus.


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