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Countdown to Christmas: Focus on Jesus Week 2

Our first week of Countdown to Christmas: Focus on Jesus did not go as planned, or more accurately, as pictured in my head. I really neglected to plan.

We missed more devotions than we read.
We were far from having peace in our house the beginning of the week.
We spent 3 days focused on a new truck.
What I picture – what I long for, is quiet moments – hours, with the Lord in front of a beautiful tree and candle light. There it is easy to focus on Jesus.
I realized last night that with less than 3 weeks until Christmas we are not ready. AT ALL. No gifts. No plans. Almost no preparation. There has been no quiet contemplation in the peaceful setting I desire.
It has been better – though I didn’t realize it until this morning.
My husband plows snow for extra income. We don’t count on it but in the midst of our God Sized Project extra is good. He feels a strong sense of responsablity to his customers. They count on him. So when it snowed at the beginning of the week and the old faithful plowtruck barely limped through the plowing it was more than a little stressful. Our mechanic didn’t even want to hear the  truck had been on the road at all much less on a regular basis. Needless to say it is not worth fixing right now.
I share that because the search for a new truck brought the blessings and focus on Jesus that I had not planned.
The whole family together in a new level of transparency and connectedness prayed for God’s direction and provision.
I followed my husband in praying, declaring, and praising in a way we never have before. Since finding the truck we were blessed with His praise has not left our lips.
We were/are busy finding the truck, taking care of paperwork and getting it ready to plow but our focus is on Jesus. Amazed again and again at His goodness.
Blessings sometimes come wrapped in strange packaging. I am blessed with eyes to see the gift inside.
What unexpected packages have come your way?
Is there a way God can use them to turn your focus to Him and His promises?

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