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EHM Club Premium includes:

  • Community – support and understanding from other women
  • Training – simple, practical, and Biblical
  • Live demonstrations – watch the tools in action
  • Downloads – helpful tips, encouragement, or other helpful information
  • Office Hours – Regular times I will be in the group to answer questions
  • Discounts on future workshops
  • PLUS
  • 2 live Q&A calls on Zoom a month
  • Discounts on courses, and group coaching

Annual Member bonuses:

  • Transformational Quiet Times: Learn the Power of Conversational Prayer
  • Music collection by Andrea Sandefur

All Founding Members get:

  • To be part of shaping this powerful community
  • Founding pricing for life
  • Annual Founder’s Event

Each month will feature a topic of emotional and spiritual health.  I will share practical examples from my own experience and other women I have walked with.  I will provide reminders for you so you are actively working on your emotional growth.  I will be the “support in your pocket”.  You get to show up with stories: your wins, struggles, questions, and encouragement for others.  I believe an online group can be an incredibly effective, support community. Sharing and supporting will be a huge part of your growth journey.