Heart Check: Heart Doodling with Jesus Workshop

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Come, slow down, and connect with the Lord in a creative, powerful way that will carry you through the season ahead.

Doing something new, something creative, something slow and intentional is a great way to hear from the Lord .

Heart Doodling with Jesus is a fun and effective tool to heal your heart and renew your mind.

I struggled for most of my life to “renew” my mind by trying to think differently and quote scriptures. I was always frustrated and defeated by the results. I learned my thoughts were rooted in beliefs connected to emotions. Without listening to the emotions that fed the beliefs the thoughts didn’t change.

Learning something new takes about 400 repetitions unless you are having fun. When you are having fun you can learn something new in as little as 10 repetitions! I think that shows the heart of the Father. Becoming like Jesus isn’t meant to be an exhausting struggle. You are designed to enjoy the journey.

A Heart Doodling Workshop is not about art or being creative in the way most people define it. The culture has convinced most people that to consider yourself creative or for it to be worth your time creating you need to be “good” at it.

You will be creating. Not to judge or compare but to listen. The purpose is to slow down and pay attention to yourself. To hear God speak to you. To allow Him to heal your heart and renew your mind.

There is no performance in Heart Doodling. Instead, we have small, safe opportunities to see how God can work through mistakes and imperfect things.

This workshop is not intended to send you home with art you want to hang on your wall or give as a gift.

A Heart Doodling workshop will send you home with a picture that reminds you of what God has to say about you or your situation that you can hang onto in your mind. When you see the picture – even in your mind – you will feel the feelings you experienced again. You will gradually remember and experience the hard ones less. You will feel the more pleasant ones stronger and stronger.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, is a common saying. I have experienced the power of a picture from Heart Doodling again and again. They remind me who I am. They remind me of what God is doing. They give me a focus point in the chaos.

The event will be a safe space to connect with the Lord, hear His heart, and see His perspective. There will be opportunities to share but no expectation or requirement to share.

It is a judgment and comparison-free zone, even from yourself.

February 9 at 7 pm Wasilla, Alaska

$35 per person includes all supplies for creating 3 Heart Doodles

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