Heal Your Heart. Renew Your Mind.

You can learn to listen to your emotions without letting them run your life.

Heart Doodling with Jesus will:

  • Give you space to sit with your emotions

  • Teach you to listen to your emotions without giving them the wheel

  • Learn your emotions are your ally

  • Break the hold of perfectionism

  • Give you space to hear from God


Grab a permanent marker, your watercolor paints, and some paper. 

Creativity shifts things faster and easier.

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Clarification of pricing

The Monthly price includes the monthly workshop and community on Marco Polo

The Yearly price includes the workshop, community on Marco Polo, and a Heart Doodling Supplies Box

The One Time price is for additional Heart Doodling Supply Boxes.

If you plan to use Heart Doodling with Jesus with your children I do not expect you to buy them separate memberships. If you want an older child to have their own access or emails they would need their own membership. 

Since you taught me I've made more progress than years of counseling!

Experience Heart Doodling with Jesus for yourself

A resource I'll use again and again!

What is Heart Doodling?

When I am overwhelmed or notice I am avoiding how I am feeling it serves me very well to get out my sketchbook, marker, and paints. 

It creates a pause. 

It provides a challenge to look at what is going on and decide on a way to get it on paper. Not the “right way” not the “perfect” representation, A way. 

Sometimes I identify an emotion. Sometimes there are a handful. Other times it is my thoughts that are exposed and once they are exposed I can evaluate if they are true or not.

Bringing clarity to situations or concepts is another way I use Heart Doodling. If I am confused about a situation I map it out in pictures or a flow chart or even a conversation. Putting it on paper brings clarity. Getting it out of my head helps me see it in a new light.

Heart Doodling is a great way to meditate or reflect on scripture. Writing the words, picturing the truth, imagining believing the truth even a little bit more. Taking the time to sit with it, to be creative gets the truth deeper.

Places, where you overreact, are places there is healing work and often forgiveness needed. I use Heart Doodling to sort through those places when they come up. I doodle about what I am feeling and thinking. I forgive anyone I need to forgive. I break any ungodly agreements Holy Spirit reveals. Then I ask what God has for me and I doodle what he tells me. I doodle about how I will think and feel when I fully believe what He said is true of me.

What’s included?

  • LIVE Monthly Workshop (recording posted by the 15th) Draw, paint, listen, and journal right along with me and often my daughter.

  • Marco Polo Group to ask questions, share insights, and build community with fellow Heart Doodling with Jesus Members

  • Welcome to the Community Call (LIVE)

  • Members who choose to pay for the full year at once will receive a Heart Doodling Supply Box with everything they need to get started Heart Doodling – watercolor paints and brush, sketchbook, marker, and more

  • Monthly members have the option of purchasing a Heart Doodling Supply Box or gathering their own supplies.

  • Additional Heart Doodling Supply Boxes are avaivable for family members on the One Time Tab of the prices.

Cancelation Policy/Refund

If you choose to cancel your membership you will have access until the end of the period you have paid for (month or year). There will be no refunds.