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Dreaming for Fall

Dreaming for Fall

I enjoy dreaming and planning- too much sometimes. I can dream and plan the day away while not really accomplishing anything. There are many reasons I am sure, but that would be another post This one is moving me to action, maybe you too?


Fall is rapidly approaching, with it the realization that school starts soon. Since I am the teacher this means I have got some work to do! I enjoy the planning and organizing. I get great pleasure from new office supplies and pretty notebooks. I am one of those that can get lost in an office supply store, I don’t even go to them anymore.


This summer has been different though. I have not accomplished near what I hoped for in work or play so I have been dragging my feet about admitting it is almost over. I have to be a good example to my kids so my goal is to get our plan in place this week.


When I sat down to start planning I asked myself what I wanted. Energy. Direction. Peace. These three flowed from my pen and surprised me. I was expecting language programs, science topics, something school related. However I realized these ae really what I want, my dream in life right now. I wrote down a few ideas for action on each one.


* Get enough sleep and rest

* Start exercising

* Maybe it’s time to see a professional about my health



* Ask God for wisdom and do what He tells me

* Create routines of good habits

* Make sure my priorities are right and taken care of



* Create routines to take care of my responsibilities, planning, cleaning, cooking, paperwork, writing

* Make time for friendship. I joined a Bible study group at the beginning of summer and have been so blessed and enriched by connecting to godly women. I will always make time for genuine relationship.

* Add intentional worship to my days. I have enjoyed quiet mornings with the Lord this summer. I want that to continue but I also want to bring worship and prayer into daily life with my children again. I am still pondering what that will look like.


I also know that the days of the children sleeping in must come to an end. In some ways I wish I could let them sleep and then we would just go about our day as they were ready, but I know that does not work well for any of us. So we will be transitioning to a regular wake time, breakfast time and agenda for the day.

Dreaming for Fall

To be successful in transitioning to a fall routine the planning and new habits are most important. I need meal plans for all three meals of the day. I usually do good to plan dinner, like I don’t know what we are eating tonight… I need a time set aside to plan those meals. I need a weekly planning time for myself and my family so we can all be on the same page.


I want to transition to our full schedule a little at a time. I tend to need to work backward in my planning. Where do I need to be when? Then I can decide what steps to take to get there. So, I think we will start some classes the week of September 9. I am thinking of this transition as a fade out. As summer anda fall activities fade out school will fade in until we have completed the transition. Sounds lovely! I hope I can pull it off.


First thing will be creating a new morning routine. Next week, August 26, I want to start having breakfast at 8. This means breakfast will have to be planned- what to make, when to start it (ie. night before, 7:30). After breakfast I want to work on projects and planning. The projects will be something to do together and some things for them to do while I am at Carol’s. Then hopefully fun, but at least free time for the kids, in the afternoon. This means a list of what I want to work on. Cleaning, defining chores, organizing school stuff. Even more I want to include God time. I need a good idea of what that looks like.


I want to focus on the habit of planning and communicating because I think things are going to have to stay in flux for a while. I don’t think I can make a schedule that will work for us until Christmas. Instead we need to learn to use tools to make sure the important things get done each week like checklists for chores and school.


It is wonderful to dream. It is more wonderful to make things happen, even if it is hard to get started. I am excited about moving toward what I want. I am excited about helping my children do the same.


What about you? Have you gone back to school? Does fall bring changes to your routine? Are you taking steps to live your dream life?


Perhaps you could do the activity I did. Ask yourself what you want. Identify some changes you can make to move you in that direction. I would love to hear from you if you do!

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