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First 5th Week

A little randomness from our January.

I woke up and looked at the clock this morning. 3:33 it said. I thought “Jeremiah” and went back to sleep. We looked up Jeremiah 3:33 and, well, there isn’t one. Then we looked at 33:3. Wonderful words. I grabbed the image off Pintrest, not sure of the source.

Jeremiah 33:3



Learning to make good choices in the face of strong emotions is tough. For me. An adult. It is a skill I want my children to learn. There are a couple of keys there- skill and learn. Skills take time and training to learn properly.

imageI came up with this tool for my children to fill in or at least for us to talk through when they have made an emotional choice. Of course we want to get to a place where we recognize the emotions pushing us and make a good choices anyway. We have to start where we are. Being able to label emotions, even in retrospect is a start.

 Family Fun

We spent the afternoon outside, around the campfire and in the giant puddle our spring like weather is making. When it gets cold again they will have their own skating rink.

Giant Puddle
A small lake growing from our spring like weather.

Campfire Cooking

2014 260

Morning Moon

One morning I went to wake up the kids the moon was setting.

2014 203

Across the sky the pink of the sun was rising.2014 210

We are trying to learn to manage our time effectively. As a first step we are recording how we spend our time.  We are using these pages from

What are some blessings or lessons from your January?

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