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Fix the Leak

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.

Isa 26:3 NIV


  • a container with a very slow leak, perhaps poke a small hole in a paper cup
  • large container to hold water
  • towel

Set up:

Fill the leaky container with water. Set it in the large container so it can leak without making a mess for you.


Have your children inspect the puddle. Once they have seen the puddle dry it up with the towel. Talk about how things are better now. Meanwhile the leaky container is still leaking, making another puddle in the large container. If they do not notice point it out to them. You can repeat this process as many times as they are interested.


Read Isaiah 26:3

God promises to give us peace.  What does that mean?

Sometimes it helps to know what something is not to better understand what it is. If the leaky container were over your bed would you like that? What if it was your job to keep cleaning up the puddle? It would not be peaceful to know the leaky container is making your bed wet or always making messes for you to clean up. When the mess is cleaned up it is more peaceful.

Read Isaiah 26:3 again

What does our verse tells us about the peace God wants to give us? It is perfect peace. Perfect peace means to take care of the problem not just the mess. Perfect peace for this situation would be to fix the leaky container or replace it. Perfect peace in our lives comes because God has taken care of the problems. Jesus died so our sins can be forgiven. Jesus defeated Satan so we are overcomers. Jesus rose again so we can live forever as a friend of God.

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