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Happy Birthday Abe: Story Time



  • Abraham Lincoln by Amy L. Cohn and Suzy Schmidt
  • black construction paper
  • pattern for circles (scrapbook tools or a small plate and your empty can)
  • empty can
  • scissors
  • tape or glue
  • Lincoln activity Things I Learned from Abraham Lincoln printable or slips of paper. I printed on both sides of the paper. You could print one sided and have them glue then to other paper or leave them separate to try to match them up.
  • crayons, markers
  • image


• Read and discuss the story.

• Discuss the lessons can we learn for Abraham Lincoln. I chose: Work hard. Keep trying. Care about others even if you disagree. Learning is important. Speak well. Listen well.

• Did you notice where Lincoln kept his important papers? (In his hat.)


• Print Lincoln activity: Things I Learned from Abraham Lincoln or have your children make their own slips of paper for what they learned from Abraham Lincoln.

• While the children color their slips of paper cut a strip of black wide enough to wrap around the empty can. Cut circles, one larger than the can for the brim and one the size of the can for the top. Tracing with a white crayon or chalk works well on black paper.

• Wrap the can in black paper. Attach with tape or glue. Glue the brim to the bottom of the can.

• Tape the top of the hat on one side so the hat can be opened.

• Place the colored slips inside the hat.


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