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Hold on to Hope

Hold on to Hope

It’s so silly. I struggle to hold on to hope. I obsess and question and study to figure out a way to deal with life’s challenges big and small.

  • what to make for dinner
  • how to better connect with a child
  • healing my soul
  • sorting papers
  • how to organize my ideas
  • my life message

There is hope. There are ways to effectively deal with all of life’s challenges. Hope and solutions come by focusing on Jesus who is The Way.

With Jesus beside me every step of the way I can focus on the current step. I can be present and do my best with this step because if He told me to take it than it is taking me one step closer to where He wants me to go. What may seem to me to be steps sideways or even backwards really aren’t if they are directed by Him. And He is so good that even if I miss it or deliberately go the wrong way He still will use it for my good when I come back to Him and His way!

That’s where hope is.

Hold on to HopeWhen I don’t know what step to take next I simply ask Him. He’s right there.

The hope comes from knowing The Way, Jesus.

The directions He gives, the path to take are tools. They are not where to place my hope. With my hope in the path or the circumstances it becomes about my performance. I know myself and my track record. Hope fades quickly.

I often get discouraged and lose my hope because I am trying to figure out the way myself.

I keep my hope when I remember to focus on Jesus instead of my circumstances or performance.

How do you hold on to hope?

Do you ask Jesus what to do when your hope or direction seem unclear?

During a quiet time God gave me this idea for directing my thoughts for the day. In the morning I write out my day with the acronym FATHER.

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2 thoughts on “Hold on to Hope

  1. Nice very true! I ponder hope as well… concluded what hope is there without Jesus, without a Savior, without faith and belief that there is more beyond this life and more to this life. Hope is a critical part of our lives and hearts!

    1. Thank you, Rachel. Jesus is our only hope.

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